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World's most brilliant compact  
x-ray sources

  • Laser Plasma X-ray Generation
  • System Integration
  • Engineering
275 Promenade Street
Suite 126

Providence, RI 02806

Advancing x-ray Imaging

Our liquid metal target based x-ray generation innovations  
See our laser-driven LPXSource installation at ELI Beamlines below.
Compact Design 

Our plasma source, including all of its support systems and x-ray shielding, fits into a volume of 2’ x 3’ x 1’. A complete system with its driving laser typically fits onto a 8’x’4’ optical table and is therefore small enough for laboratory based research. The sources can operate at any repetition rate and produce a usable x-ray flux with as little as 1mJ / pulse.

System Integration 

Our source can be integrated in an existing or new x-ray optical setup. The system integration can be done by us or we can provide technical advice for integration.

Who We Are

Research Instruments Corporation develops liquid metal target based x-ray source technologies and x-ray imaging devices that outperform conventional x-ray tube technology including the laser-driven x-ray plasma source LPXSource.  Suitable for scientific, medical and industrial applications, our devices are engineered to be compact, ultra-low maintenance, and ultra-fast. Our sources and imaging techniques bring the power of large user facilities into your own lab or OEM system. 

Management Team

crp ric web pic.jpg
Christoph Rose-Petruck Ph.D.

Christoph Rose-Petruck (Ph.D. Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, 1993) is Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of Research Instruments and a professor of chemistry at Brown University in Providence, RI.  He is primarily responsible for customer-relations and manages the research and development. Dr. Rose-Petruck’s expertise is in the development of plasma X-ray sources for ultrafast, time resolved X-ray spectroscopy, high-sensitivity X-ray imaging of materials and in bio-medical applications. He has published over 75 papers, 42 of which are concerned with X-ray production, imaging, and ultrafast x-ray probing of reactions.

Daniel DeCiccio

Keith Bisogno is Chief Business Officer focusing on go to market strategy, investors and business case.  Keith previously held a variety of senior-level corporate roles at Thermo Fisher Scientific, including Vice President Brand and Vice President Corporate Marketing where he executed global campaigns, commercial and digital marketing initiatives helping propel the world’s largest life science tools company beyond $22+ billion in sales with 70,000 employees in 50 countries.

Daniel DeCiccio is a Co-inventor involved with Research Instruments Corporation since it was founded to advance x-ray imaging.  Daniel is a serial entrepreneur and most recently co-founder of Vitae Industries. He earned dual B.Sc'sin Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Physics from Brown University. Daniel was awarded the National Science Foundations' Graduate Research Fellowship for his undergraduate work.


Collaborators and Partners

LPX Source Installation 

Research Instruments Corporation’s recent installation of the liquid metal platform laser-driven LPXSource is operating on the ELI Beamlines outside of Prague. The LPXSource is the world’s brightest x-ray source capable of delivering tender, soft X-rays with a 10-μm spot size.  

Learn more about the LPX Source installation at ELI Beamlines


Research Instruments Corporation Exclusively Options US Patent for 
X-ray Imaging Processing Techniques from Brown University


Providence-based Research Instruments Corporation has obtained an exclusive option from Brown University to license x-ray imaging processing techniques involving advanced algorithms that rapidly determine ion battery failure risks and battery life through non-destructive testing.  READ MORE 



More Information

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